Time with Blonde mature cam Lady after 2 weeks of no-sex for me

Until I was 25, I adored young girls. The sweetest were babies from 16 to 19 years old. This is youth and life itself! But, having become older, I realized that only experienced women can bring me real pleasure. They all know what they want! And most importantly – they can teach a lot.

This meeting with a Blonde stranger on the street changed my life. She was a mature cam lady. This story started with simple interest, but gradually grew into the hottest story that I have ever had. Spoiler alert: she kicked all the 18-year-old hotties on my college campus.

Meeting mature cam woman on the street

I went out for lunch and walked down the street to the nearest cafe. The line started outside! Everyone seems to need coffee immediately. In front of me in the queue was a puffy beauty of 35-40 years old.

You could call it appetizing! Curly blonde hair, pink lips, curvaceous hips, and high heels. Sweet chick! She could be served with coffee like a muffin. I don’t even know why I began to look at her? Not to my taste, but so attractive!

She turned around and gave me a mocking look. Reminds me a little of my high school friend’s mom, who I jerked off to before high school. At that time, I didn’t know about the pleasures of mature on webcams Madame.

A stranger gives me a visit card for mature on webcams meeting 

She looked at me for a long time but did not speak to me. This is how mothers look at their babies, touch them, admire them. That way she was looking at my expensive suit, tie, and briefcase. I winked at her. Let her know that I’m not a 13-year-old boy so that a busty chick can not embarrass me. She smiled, and then took a business card out of her purse.

She put it right in my hand and patted it. Just gave the child candy. I didn’t know then what kind of sweetness it was! Only the address of mature on webcams and her nickname on the site were written on the visit card. What is it about – mature cams could be?

A new kind of fun for me

I have only heard about sex on a webcam. I’ve had enough pussies in my life to masturbate online. But, I was intrigued by such unusual behavior. Turns out you have to pay for the mature cam and all these Ladies!

Jerk for money on mature women? What could be more stupid? I was such a fool at that moment! It wasn’t hard to find her. She was something like a star on this mature on webcams website. Many enthusiastic comments and praises to her body, pussy, voice, hair.

Many of them wrote that watching her masturbate is an incredible pleasure! Well, shall we try? I wrote in the chat that I received a card from her, and I want to see that same incredible pussy. Ready to pay. She immediately called me for a private chat.

Private conversation

And again the same mocking look!

“You came, I had no doubt,” she said.

“I just got curious,” I replied.

She asked me what I would like today? Command or receive her commands? I laughed at the arrogance of this woman. It’s she who offers herself, why should I suddenly obey?

She wanted me to unzip my pants and take my dick out. He must be in plain sight all the time, but I must not touch him. Just watch. Okay, my mature cams commander. I will do as you say. My cock is in your power.

She quickly took off her bra, laying her ample breasts on the table. A mature cam Beauty began to play with her nipples – rub them, pinch them until they swelled like ripe grapes. I have to admit, the sight turned me on. That smile never left her face.

Mature Pussy takes off everything

I reached for my cock, but she sharply raised her finger up. Like an elementary school teacher! Wants the hands of her class to be visible. Okay, I won’t touch myself.

She stood up, turning her back to me. Well, her ass is pretty good too. Appetizing, you want to mash it like dough. She busily took out a large dildo from her desk drawer and showed it to me. I put my finger.

I’m not sure this huge thing will fit in my mature cam new friend’s pussy. There are no such huge dicks in real life, and the dildo will simply tear her. My cock isn’t the biggest, but some skinny girls got hurt when I fucked them.

But, I was wrong! She put a chair closer to the camera, opened her legs, and in one motion thrust this giant between her legs! I was surprised that mature cam Blondy was so wet. She was excited right away – she flowed in a second, seeing something big between her legs.

Suddenly, mature on webcams makes a proposal

She wouldn’t let me masturbate via mature on webcams, stopping every time I touched my cock. And then I had to ask for forgiveness, like a little boy. Only then she would return the huge dildo to where it belonged – between her legs.

Having fucked herself well, she said that she would like me to be a good boy. Then mature cam stranger could trust me with fucking her pussy. But, to have it, I must promise – every day to go to the chat at the same time. I had to watch her satisfy herself. But, I dare not to touch myself! And it will be for 2 weeks.

An interesting challenge from a pretty Stranger 

Even out of curiosity, I wanted to try it. She offered me full control under her pussy, if I pull out 2 weeks and will not jerk off? Well, it’s worth a try.

I knew it would cost me money – mature on webcams is not a pleasure for free. I warned her that if she deceived me, then she would have to return all the money spent on private chat. She accepted my condition.

2 weeks of a sex abstinence

Watching her masturbate every day on camera was torture. Already on the 3rd day, I wanted only her and no one else! That big clit, mature pussy, heavy breasts, big eyes, and a smirk on her face! But, I held on, as mature cam Blondy told me. Didn’t want to lose our little bet.

I thought about how easy it was for me to get sex. There were 2 girls at work who were not averse to sucking me in the toilet or in a closed office. I easily met in bars and brought strangers home, where I fucked them all night long.

On vacation, I also quickly find pussies that will brighten up my vacation. But now this pussy on the other side of the screen on mature on webcams beckoned me, but I could get it. Only on the condition that I would obey.

I find a mature woman incredibly sexy

On the 10th day, I realized that there is no one who could compare with a mature on webcams in the world. Her body seemed perfect to me. Soft shoulders and breasts, red predatory, cunt and lots of charm. She seems to have caught me in her trap.

Every day at 19 pm she was waiting for me in the chatting room. And every time I was forced just to watch how she indulged herself with dozens of toys. She had vibrators, vacuum masturbators for a clitoris, she even improvised with some other home stuff.

Long candles and rolling pins immediately fell into her trained holes.She knew exactly what she wanted and how. Every toy for a mature cam woman is an instrument of pleasure. It seems that her whole pussy was one big G-spot.

I have never seen women who would have an orgasm every time! Although, then I heard that after 45 years old, women have a second sexual wind. She becomes more sensitive and looks at sex in a completely different way.

Last day before meeting with my Lady Stranger 

It seems to me that in these 2 weeks there was no such oblong object that she did not dip into her juicy greedy cunt right in front of my nose. Once she said that she has 3 boys who come to private sessions on mature on webcams every day.

It was hard to believe that she was doing all these nasty things 3 times per day and still wanted to fuck. But, at our last meeting, she gave the address of the hotel where I needed to arrive the next day. The problem was that the next day I had to be at a family dinner. I suggested rescheduling the meeting, renting a better hotel.

She gave me that signature look again. “No, I said tomorrow.” I will not get her pussy, and all these 2 weeks on mature cam I have endured in vain. Incredible.

A place for a date with mature cam Blondy

I was in a hurry to get to the meeting point. I had both sexual desire and anger at her. Missed family dinner, didn’t fuck or jerk off for 2 weeks. Tolerated her, wanted her!

She was already waiting for me in the room. She sat on the bed in a soft pink bath coat and read a ladies’ novel. Such home stuff!  I went in and immediately began to unbutton my pants – my dick no longer fit in the trousers.

Without looking up from her book, mature cam lover said that first I should wash my hands and take a shower. But, I didn’t listen to her anymore. There was an agreement – I just watch for 2 weeks, and then I do whatever I want with her. And I decided to fulfill the contract.

Struggle for power in a hotel room 

I threw her on the bed and hugged her. Immediately grabbed her cunt and tried to stick my fist into her. At first, she was a little wet, but as soon as I rubbed her clit, she became wet. My darling mature cams kitty resisted, cursed at me, but I saw that she was excited with my arrogant behavior.

I didn’t manage to immediately enter her pussy with my hand, so I inserted my penis into it. It was quite narrow inside, which is amazing! She put huge dildos inside herself so many times on mature on webcams that I thought it would be like fucking a big package.

Apparently, her cunt had an amazing ability to shrink. I held her hands and fucked, looking into her eyes. Her breasts bounced with every push.

The sweetest hours of my life

It was hard to get out of her cunt, but I managed. I held her hair and put her head on my cock. At first, she did not want to suck a dick that I did not wash, but then she nevertheless began to try. I had to think about anything, no matter what,, just not to come right at that moment.

She sucked so skillfully that I even got scared. She processed it with her tongue, licked my balls, and massaged special points on it. The mature cam woman was a cock-specialist! I also could not stand this torture for a long time.

I knelt in front of the bed and began to lick her. A completely new taste of her cunt, I have not tried it yet. Like mature wine. I wanted to go as deep as possible. She was excited enough to take my whole fist inside.

Thanks from my mature cams model

We didn’t leave the room for 10 hours. In the end, we couldn’t even stand up straight. I had her in all the holes for hours. The most interesting thing is that I never asked her name, or how old she was exactly. Judging by her cunt, she had children, most likely two or three kids.

I saw her attitude change. She no longer looked at me with a mocking look. Only gratitude in the eyes. After all, mature cams Blondy was even happier than me! She got 10 hours of sex with a young and healthy man. Lots of cum, orgasms, juicy strokes on her pussy.

And I felt incredibly happy. I have never really experienced such satisfaction. It was worth it to wait 2 weeks and not touch the cock. And she prepared herself well for me. After all, toys can’t be compared with real dicks!

Another meeting at the motel

After 2 months, she repeated her task again. I again held on for 2 weeks via Mature on webcams, and then attacked her body. This time I immediately entered her anus. I think it hurt, but she didn’t show it. I inserted my hand into her experienced vagina so I could feel my cock fucking her.

It was even better than the first time. After all, I already knew her body, so I planned at home how I would use her this time. I think the same tricks can be applied to all mature cams lovers. And now they have become the object of my fantasies. I want to fuck all the mature on webcams lovely chicks!

I wanted to continue dating at the hotel, fucking on camera, but she said that we need to take a break. Now she is preparing another boy for the “initiation”. He is already finishing his 2 weeks and soon he will need all her arousal. Well, let it be!

The last date with my mature on webcams Blondy

I understand that this sweet creature has many more to teach. Therefore, she can no longer meet with me. I don’t know how I can look at other women normally now. I will look for her with my eyes on the street. Or jerking off on mature on webcams non-stop.

Can’t forget how my dick ended up in her holes after 2 weeks of abstinence. As it slid over her soft vagina. How he broke into her anus and filled it all with sperm. How I fucked her even after I had already finished – the cock simply did not lose its hardness.

The last time we met, we didn’t have sex or regular mature cams pleasures. She just said she was very proud of me. I learned a lot from her and became even better than she expected. Well, I’m ready to go hunting, but now I’ll catch only mature moms on my penis.

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