Best Masturbation Positions For Women

Sometimes you just have to please yourself. One of the sexiest and most arousing things you can do at home to pleasure yourself is also one of the most satisfying. Oh yes, indulging in self-pleasure is one of the most pleasurable ways to pamper oneself, relax, and indulge in a sensual night in. Even if you've played solo sex concertos for years, there are always fresh methods to spice up your technique and mix up your alone time.

Masturbation is not only pleasurable but also beneficial for your sexual health and incredibly convenient. It can significantly enhance your overall sexual experience. Hot babes who pleasure themselves are more likely to experience mind-blowing orgasms during steamy sex with their partners. We firmly believe that this discovery is linked to a boost in confidence and expertise in their own bodies. Also remember that masturbation is not a taboo any more and if you like taboo porn consider TabooFantazy.

Best Masturbation Positions for More Fun

Over the Hump

Start by lying on the bed on your stomach, using a pillow or two to support your delicious curves and hips. Grab a sexy toy or use your hands (or both!) and slide them between your body and the pillow to turn up the naughty vibes. The pillows thrust your hips, enabling deeper and more intense penetrations." "It also exploits the tension of your leg muscles, which can feel incredibly erotic for you. If you want to watch how to do it, you can see Xev Bellringer models do it.

Opening Up

Straddle that chair, baby. A dining room or folding chair without arms is perfect for you to spread your legs wide and feel the pleasure. Spread your legs wide and wrap your ankles around the chair legs. It gives you unrestricted access to all the juicy parts between your thighs, and when you reach orgasm, you can grip the chair legs with your legs for added pleasure. By revealing more of your luscious vulva, you'll indulge in some fresh and, at times, even more exhilarating sensations than you're accustomed to.

Leg Shaver

In the sultry shower, sensually prop one leg up on the side of the tub or shower seat, allowing unbridled access to your delectable pussy. (If you don't have anything to prop your foot on, simply lean back against a wall and spread one leg to the side.) Let your tantalizing fingers or the pulsating showerhead stream arouse you or grab your preferred waterproof vibrator for explosive orgasms.


Get down on your knees on the luscious and alluring bed or any other velvety and seductive surface with your upper body erect and eager. Slowly spread those sexy thighs of yours to a position that feels oh-so-good. As you feel my hand exploring your curves, you arch your back and thrust forward, gripping the headboard or the wall for support.

Solo Snake

Position yourself on your hands and knees and sensually grind your moist pussy and sensitive clit against a hand or a tantalizing buzzing sex toy nestled beneath you. Your luscious curves generate an irresistible sensation as they rub against the hood of your pulsating pussy, while the rhythmic thrusting tantalizes the shaft of your swollen pleasure knob.

On your Knees

Part your thighs generously and kneel down, whether it's on the ground or the mattress. Grind and rub your sexy body against a hard surface, like a dildo, bed, cushion, or your own hand, in this hot position.


These were some of the amazing positions that you can masturbate in and a very satisfying orgasm that will blow up your mind for some time. The list is not limited to only these positions, and there are many others which can be experimented by you.