My stepmom works as mature on webcams and I keep her secret

I came on vacation to my father’s home last summer. I had not seen him for a long time, but there was a surprise for me. My stepmom works as mature on webcams and I know about it. Well, I’m not going to tell my dad about her secret, and this mature beauty will have to pay me for silence.

She, of course, is furious that I found out about mature cams, but there’s nothing to be done. Either everyone will know the truth about her job, or she will serve me as I wish. A young guy and a sexy housewife are a good duo for keeping secrets. I wonder what she will choose?

My stepmom works as mature on webcams and I keep her secret
My stepmom works as mature on webcams and I keep her secret

My stepmom works for mature on webcams

My parents divorced when I was only 4 years old, and since then I rarely saw my father. He lives in another state and I only visit sometimes in the summer. He got married a few years ago, but I’ve only seen my new stepmother a few times in my life.

The father chose a very beautiful woman of her age, but she was arrogant and cold. My presence in their house obviously annoyed her. I stopped visiting his house and talked with my father more by phone and video calls.

She got her way, their house belonged only to them. But, this year everything has changed – I decided to go on vacation with my father and my new mom, and this is not all!

Quite by accident, I saw her on mature on webcams – she does a show and does not hesitate to undress and show herself to strangers. Of course, when I saw her, I was shocked. Who would have thought that this proud woman from the North is so skillfully in jumping on a dildo, and she has an arsenal of more than 20 sex toys?

I need to find a secret room for mature on webcams

She didn’t even greet me when I arrived. But, I was patient, you should not immediately say that I know about mature cams and her entertainment. As I understand, things didn’t go well for my father’s company, and she decided to help him. I don’t think he knows about her activities.

First of all, I examined the house – where does she do it? The only closed door was in the basement, I can assume that this is where she does her mature cams business.

In the afternoon, I said that I was leaving for the day at the lake, but quietly returned only 30 minutes later. She was not at home, as I expected, but downstairs … I heard she was in the basement, it’s definitely there. Sitting on mature cam, jerking off in front of the screen, dancing, satisfying herself, or what else is she doing there?

Threats for mature cams models

I tried the door – it was locked. But, my college roommate taught me how to easily open such simple locks with pins. I opened it and looked at her with a grin.

My respectable stepmom sat with her legs spread and played with her clit in front of mature on webcams screen. She was shocked, no, I would say more – she was on the verge of hysteria at the moment when she noticed me. But, the view was not bad – she was wearing a sexy red bodysuit, and her red hair scattered over her chest and back like a copper wave.

She turned on the camera and came up to me, her eyes flashing with anger:

“How dare you break into my room like that, you little bastard?” she asked.

“I’m not that little if that’s about it. I’m already 19 years old and I’m in my father’s house where you don’t own anything.”

“Your father stopped making money! To keep this house still ours, I had to go into the mature on webcams and business! Soon everything that belongs to your father can be sold if you open your mouth!”

I did not expect to hear this information, and I did not really know about all these problems. But, my plan of revenge must not fail, because this woman has been a bitch for so many years of my life. I moved on to the real threats:

“There are 2 options for you – you will behave like a bitch, and then solve your problems yourself, I will tell everyone everything. Or – you will do what I tell you. And I will keep your little wet secret. Really, I don’t care what happens to you, my father left me and my mother when I was 4, and I don’t care how his business goes.”

The first errand for my new maid

2 days passed and she didn’t talk to me, tried not to even meet me at home. But, on Sunday, my father was in the garage, and she was cleaning her room. The perfect moment to find out what mature on webcams Beauty has decided. I entered the room and immediately closed the door on the latch.

“If you want me to keep quiet about your mature on webcams secret, then you have to show me your loyalty, mommy” – I said, taking out my cock – “Help me cum, I’m sure you can.”

What an evil face she had at that moment! My stepmom hesitated for a few seconds, but then she came over and put her hand on my cock. At one moment I was afraid that she would hurt me, but no, she was gentle.

She licked her hand and began to gently and rhythmically drive up and down my cock, moved to the head, and squeezed it with her fingers. I took her breasts with my hand and began to knead her big boobs under the dress. I imagine how she seduces guys in front of the mature cam screen, of course, young boys love her.

She skillfully masturbated me with one hand, and the other continued to caress the head of my penis. I did not even think to hold back and finished for a few minutes, my sperm got on her house dress.

I’m not going to stop playing with mature cam stepmom

I hope she didn’t think that was the end? To keep mature on webcams secret I’m going to enjoy this game all summer. Several days passed in silence again, but the father paid no attention to it.

The next day we ran out of spaghetti, and my father volunteered to go to the supermarket to buy them. The road takes 20 minutes in one direction, plus another 15-20 minutes in the store. Well, I still have time to get my next bribe from mommy mature on webcams.

My stepmother was working in the kitchen when I came over and pinned her against the wall. I pressed my cock against her ass in tight homemade leggings. She thought I wanted to get a handjob again, but she was wrong. I pushed her lightly to her knees and grabbed her head with both hands.

“Open your mouth, it’s time to take your medicine” – I laughed.

Her lips were big and juicy, I think she touched them up a bit with silicone. Now they were wearing a light pink lipstick, and it turned me on even more. All her clients on mature cams would dream that lips were on their cocks.

I brought my excited dick close to her mouth and pressed. She took my cock with her lips and sucked it, looking into my eyes. I closed my eyes and began to move in her mouth, ignoring her cries and frustrated attempts to speak.

I fucked her in the mouth faster and faster, clutching strands of her red hair in my hands. I don’t know what she used to do, but her throat was well trained – no gag reflex. I went deep into her throat, fucking her non-stop.

I finished in the throat of a mature on webcams model, and I heard that my father drove up to the house. She ran out of the room, and I buttoned my pants with a laugh – that’s what I understand, good holidays.

My mature on webcams stepmom avoids me

I was wildly excited by the whole situation – she can not do anything, I have to endure my pranks. Several times I asked her to masturbate me while my father was in the next room. And she did it masterfully so that I would finish faster.

I will say – the next month I cummed every day with the help of her hands or mouth. So far, I haven’t moved on, but fucking her was my plan. My mature cams beauty continued to work in the basement, during that time I never touched her. But, as soon as she got out, she got my penis.

I understand that working in mature cam is a real help to my father. And I was not going to reveal her secret, but it is better for her not to know about it yet. So far, I’ve been good at blackmailing her and getting all the sweets.

It’s time to move on

I think that during this time she managed to get to know my penis and understand what he loves the most. But, her pussy has been a mystery to me so far. I know she demonstrates it on mature on webcams, how can you do that job without it?

That day, my father went out to a neighbor, and I knew that it would take at least an hour. They’ll have a beer and talk about Tom Brady and then he’ll be back. And during this time I will get acquainted with mature pussy on webcams.

I went up to her and shamelessly stuffed my hand under her dressing gown. She began to resist, but I told her that this was not the best choice. My mature cam Beauty was without underwear and my fingers immediately found what they were looking for. I entered her pussy with my fingers and slowly began to fuck her.

With my other hand, I untied the dressing gown and immediately took her nipple into my mouth. My stepmom moaned softly. Her cunt was slowly becoming wet and sticky, but this time I decided that I would not fuck her – just tease her. She ran her hand over my cock faster and faster. I know she wants me, but she will never admit it.

I finished in her hand and immediately took my fingers out of her pussy. She still looked at me with contempt, but now there was some new light in her eyes.

Day-X for me and my mature cams stepmom

That day, my father went fishing, and she stayed at home. I thought that she would go downstairs to her mature cams business, but she was in no hurry. Went around the house, cooking something. She was wearing a light robe again.

I waited for her to go up to the second floor and followed her into the guest room. My stepmother turned around as I grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed. I think she understood everything and did not even resist.

Her body was mature, but still beautiful and desiring. She worked on mature cam, showing herself to everyone who is willing to pay. Narrow waist, deep rounded navel, and a sexy mole above the pubis.

I pounced on her pussy, licking it with quick tongue movements. She groaned, and I realized that I was doing everything right. My stepmom lay clutching the sheet and I saw that she wanted my cock.

I entered her pussy, and she screamed loudly. I don’t know what they’re doing with my dad, but she obviously hasn’t had such a young cock for a long time. Her pussy accepted me gladly, even though she was still looking at me wickedly.

My mature cam beauty writhed under me but did not want to touch my body. And I fucked her, periodically caressing her clitoris with my fingers, but as soon as she approached orgasm, I immediately stopped these caresses. This is my revenge on her, and I want her to suffer.

But, I did not appreciate her experience in sex. This kink pussy knew how to please herself. While I was busy with her, she brought herself to orgasm with her fingers. Her pussy shrunk sharply, and I suddenly finished in her. Before that, I only had sex with a condom, or I finished girls on the stomach. But now my sperm was in her.

Rest of summer with the mature cam model

She has never admitted that she enjoys having sex with me. But, she began to walk around the house more and more often in a light dress on her naked body. She showed me her body, as she showed it to mature cam clients.

And I could not help looking for her in the house at any time of the day. I pounced on her like a beast on its prey. Clamped her in the corners, fucked her on the washing machine, penetrated my fingers into her pussy while she was cooking.

Several times I knocked softly on the door at night, and she came out while my father was sleeping. I fucked her on the floor, in the garden, in my room. She sucked my dick in the bathroom, while I was drinking coffee. I was in awe of how much and how often this mature pussy wanted my cock.

It’s time to say goodbye and go home

My summer has come to an end. Last supper and my father helps me pack my bags home. We did not spend much time with him, but a couple of times we went to the pub and went fishing. I think it suits him just fine that I spend my days the way I want to.

Perhaps I would also come here for the winter holidays. I will continue to threaten my stepmother and fuck her – I’m still keeping her secret. My father hugged me goodbye and said that he was glad because I got along with my stepmother. He asked me not to quarrel with my stepmother anymore, because we can still become one family.

“I think I can tell you something about our real situation. My wife helps me a lot, she works hard… Stepmom works for mature on webcams to make money, do you know what it is about?”

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