Mature Cam Model and the Crazy Tokio Sex Drift

These past couple of months have almost killed my sex life is there haven’t been live sex webcam models to help me overcome this sexual drought I wouldn’t know what to do. For a while now I have been enjoying spending my night with a mature cam model. Particularly with a beautiful Japanese model. My god is so good. Also for some time now I had an open invitation to come to Japan and enjoy your sex weekend with her.

Well finally got the money and the carriage to pack my stuff get the plane ticket and accepted the open invitation. I was promised my deepest sexual fantasies will be fulfilled…

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? It takes balls to do something like this. Or maybe it doesn’t, maybe you just have to be crazy.  Either way, I was on a plane. And the destination was Tokyo.

The only thing I was thinking about on the plane is she going to honour the deal we made. I wasn’t thinking about anything else although I was travelling to a different country on a different continent by myself.

But I was determined that whatever happens, I will have a good time. She left me a number to reach out to her when I get checked in the hotel. So drink a few more drinks and went to sleep. It is a long flight to Japan.

Mature Cam The Most Wanted Mature Cam Website
Mature Cam The Most Wanted Mature Cam Website

Hotel lobby with Mature Cam model

Upon arriving in Tokyo and checking into the hotel I was ready to call her. I dialled the number she gave me but no one was answering tried it a few more times before I gave up. But only minutes later the phone rang.

Guess who it was. My favourite mature cam model was in the hotel lobby waiting for me. Sex throughout Tokyo is about to come. I changed my clothes and ran out of the room.

I just enjoy mature Asian girls and spending thousands and thousands of hours with them on live webcam adult websites I chose her and I would like to say she chose me.

The first thing I saw coming down to the hotel lobby was actually her. She looked, even more, hotter than through a webcam. And was even more sluty than I expected her to be. Her dark black hair stretched down her back. Scary brown eyes, and slim lips just begging me to put my cock into her s mouth.

Coming up to her she gave me a juicy kiss and grab my balls asking me what would I like to do first. I didn’t waste any time waiting for those lips to lick my cock. I was not going to go back to the hotel room so the first toilet we could find was ours.

She set down on the toilet and unzipped my pants giving me my first took Tokyo sexual pleasure. I like blowjobs especially the first time with a girl. I was thrilled by her sucking skills. My god, she was good. She was putting it all the way down to her throat. It didn’t take me long to cum and it didn’t take her long to suck the last drop of all my sperm.

The best of Tokyo with Mature Cam model

We got out of the toilet as nothing happened and hit the Tokyo streets. The night was young and there was so much more to come. I was so excited about continuing our sex party throughout the underground clubs of Tokyo. Tokyo is like any other major metropolis with one difference. One of the best underground parties happen here and the clubs are full of beautiful Asian women or if you like beautiful Asian men.

All you have to know is where to go and my gorgeous pornstar model knew all the good places. I must underline one thing before I continue. You have to be very careful how you behave in these places. Things can easily go wrong and trust me you don’t want them to.

We took the subway to send after a few stations got out. From there we continued on foot. You could just feel it in the air that we were going to the right place. Has been an hour since we left the hotel and I was getting more and more aroused. It was the end of July and it was very hot.

My god she was beautiful I had to have her immediately. By the look in her eyes, she wanted me also. In the end, it didn’t matter, she knew what I came here for.

Continuing the walk I was just searching for the first corner where I could lift up her skirt and put my dick into her. But believe it or not all the good spots were already taken. So we had to postpone for a little while engaging in wild sexual activities.

Beautiful Mature Cam Blonde Model
Beautiful Mature Cam Blonde Model

Underground clubbing with Mature Cam model

Tokyo didn’t look much different than New York. With flashing lights, overpriced restaurants, high tech stores, fancy boutiques, traffic jams, people just go somewhere without noticing anybody else to places where you can just forget about all problems you can. About regular life obligations and enjoy all the forbidden activities all of us have.

And what I like the most about the world’s biggest metropolises is the crazy underground parties you can find there. And we have just arrived at a party like that.

Going down the stairs of a long corridor I was getting even more aroused than I was. Because I knew that sex is the best after getting wasted. Hitting the dance floor and doing a whole lot of things you shouldn’t.

Getting into this kind of party is not easy.  It’s not like you just walk through a door. You are a regular or know somebody who can get you in. Luckily for me, my beautiful pornstar live model was a familiar face around these clubs.

The club looked like many others I have been to. From people who just came to have a good time, get drunk, get lucky and maybe score a guy or a girl. To people who have come to be seen, and people you didn’t want to know why they were there.

Went to the bar took a few shots and hit the dance floor. I find myself to be a pretty good dancer but she was a professional. The way she moved around me on the dance floor was amazing. Although she was in her late forties she was performing like she was half that age.

Hot Mature Cam Model with Huge Natural Boobs
Hot Mature Cam Model with Huge Natural Boobs

Crazy time on the dance floor with Mature Cam model

She was just bending her body all over me making my cock so hard I thought it would rip my zipper off. She placed me on the chair and gave me a lap dance. A lap dance to remember. I was enjoying myself like never before.

Watching the people around us I was amazed that no one was paying attention to us. Everybody was doing their own thing and the atmosphere was so relaxed. I remember thinking we could just have sex on the middle of the dance floor and nobody would mind.

Of course, that didn’t happen. My live mlif was so hot and was making me so aroused I knew we were not going to stay here much longer.

We were still at the party, but all I was thinking about was taking my mature Japanese model back to the hotel. Ripping her clothes off and doing all the kinky stuff I like.

Before we left the party she introduced me to a few of her friends also working as mature cam models. They were just regular girls seizing the opportunity of making some extra money and improving their lifestyle. And they were all hot. I was surrounded by beautiful women and my escort was letting them play with me. They were preparing me for what was to come. Wild sex with my Japanese mature cam model.

Although I was enjoying it like never before I couldn’t wait anymore. Believe me my balls were starting to hurt. And I think she also knew it was time to go. It took us a while to find a cab. But upon finding one we got to the hotel in 15-minutes.

Mature Cam Model With Big Ass
Mature Cam Model With Big Ass

Hotel shower with Mature Cam model

Final she was where I wanted her to be. We were all sweaty and sticky so we went to the shower first.

While soaping her soft beautiful body I was spanking her but with my cock. Her feet were all over mine, her toes squeezing mine. She wanted me inside her. So I gave her a little taste of what’s to come, slowly putting my dick into her and leaving it there for a minute.

Coldwater was pouring down the shower and neither of us felt it. We were so hot! We just wanted to fuck! The shower episode was to be continued in bed.

The Sexiest Mature Cam Model with Perfect Body
The Sexiest Mature Cam Model with Perfect Body

Going deep into the Mature Cam model

I threw her down on the bed. Took her feet in my hands jerking my cock with them. She was twisting her body, rubbing her G-spot and making all kinds of sounds. Her feet and toes were beautiful. I was so aroused I wanted to cum at the moment. But I couldn’t leave that gorgeous mature pussy unfucked.

I wrapped her legs around me, gently sticking my cock into her, licking her hard nipples slowly going to her gorgeous slim lips. The moment she took my tongue with her teeth dragging it into her mouth, I started pounding her pussy as hard as I could.

Her pussy was so wet the splashing sounds my balls made hitting her deep were so loud the room next door certainly heard us.

The next moment I was taking her from behind.  I stepped around her so she couldn’t spread her legs. Placing her feet under my balls, holding her shoulders while I was pounding her with all I’ve got. She was moaning, screaming, shouting…

I like hearing her scream. But not as much as the feeling of my balls rubbing of the back of her feet while pounding her from behind. It’s just amazing! I was slowly losing my breath so I let her get on top of me.

She may be a professional mature cam model, but she wasn’t so experienced in sex. Although she was in her late 40s. That made me even more aroused if that was possible. I was letting her do all the work and I could see it in her eyes that she wanted me to come. And so did I. I got her to speed up a little bit squeezing her tits, placing her nipples through my fingers.

The Hottest Brunette Mature Cam Model in sexy Underwear
The Hottest Brunette Mature Cam Model in sexy Underwear

Mouth full of sperm with Mature Cam model

Just the way I liked it. I was ready to cum, so I repositioned my dick. From her pussy to her mouth. I held my hands on her head hard, making her swallow all the sperm I ejaculated. Whether she liked it or not, she swallowed it all.

Lying in bed she was quiet, just as I needed her to be. I don’t like to cuddle after sex or talk or do anything with the girl I just had sex with. And I think she was just the same as I because after a couple of minutes she got dressed and excused herself leaving the room without saying much.

I knew I would not see her for the rest of the time I had to spend in Japan. But the nice thing about her was that she introduced me to her mature cam model friends. With whom I will certainly spend the rest of my staying in Tokyo.

All of this wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t engaged in live sex webcam sites. Believe me, it is not too hard for you to have even greater experience than I had in Japan. So don’t waste any more time on regular porn websites. Visit the mature cam website. Who knows what’s waiting for you there?

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