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I became a happy and satisfied single mature cam model

My husband and I have been together for years, and I absolutely didn’t expect he could leave me. Once I lost the opportunity to make my own career, and today I really regret it. But, I had the new opportunity to work for the mature cam and start a new page of my life as a model.

I want not only to meet men via the Internet but also to have real relationships, sex, and all the pleasures of life. Who knows, maybe being a model is a chance for me to find my good fortune again?

Mature Cam Live Show
Mature Cam Live Show

A single woman after divorce – what can I do?

My husband and I lived very happily, and I had forgotten how is it – to count money. He was running a successful business, and our life was like sweet heaven. After a while, he began to spend more and more time without me, but I had a bank card and could pay for everything.

Shopping with friends, restaurants, gifts and jewelry, travel, sport, cosmetics – everything. Just one sed thing, we stopped having sex, and I thought that at 46 y.o I was no more attractive for men. My husband no longer wants me like before, when we could have dinner at a restaurant, and suddenly decide to have wild sex in a toilet stall.

I tried to arouse him several times, but he was too tired after work. All my girlfriends have told me that – he has somebody else, maybe a young pussy near him. Some of my friends preferred to have just young lovers, but I loved my husband and was loyal to him for all these years.

And suddenly he came and told me that we were getting divorced. And the worst thing ever – my card was blocked, my husband bought me a small apartment in the city, and I was left alone. What to do – I can’t even imagine what else I could do, because I didn’t know how to do anything.

Good salary and work from home – great offer!

I was really desperate to find a normal job offer, and I started looking for anything via the Internet. One of the offers intrigued me! They needed a mature woman, 40+ years old, with a nice sexy appearance, and the ability to talk with strangers without shame.

It was necessary to work from home on a computer and to have a video camera. Great money, so I started to communicate with the manager. The girl explained to me that many men want to communicate with the women they like, chat, and sometimes talk about kink things.

And sometimes – they wanted to see how a Beauty undresses in front of the camera or even shows an erotic show. You can earn money on mature on webcams without undressing, but, she warned me, you will get less.

I looked through several websites and was confused, because most of the women were naked in front of the live camera, or wore just underwear. They showed themselves – breasts, vagina, even masturbating! Do I really have to spend my days and nights like this?

But, the offer interested me mostly because of money, so I decided to at least try. My body looks better than many of them – not all mature women keep themselves in good shape.

The first time in front of the camera and naked

I had to wait for the client who would choose me and want to talk in a private chat. I was sitting in front of the camera in my best underwear – the most open and transparent. For the first hour, I just was lying in front of the camera, caressing my breasts. The camera lens was looking at me, and I felt stupid.

And suddenly I got a message from some guy who wanted to chat with me. I thought there were more young guys on mature cams who like such ladies. It was a little funny to me, but the interest of a young boy impressed me.

My new friend was very insistent, offering me to take off my bra and show him my body. But, I needed money, so I refused, offering him to go to a private chat. In the end, he agreed but set a condition – for his money I would do just what he said, or all games were over.

Paid caresses on camera

My money was coming to an account, and my first client was in a great hurry. Well, I have to do what my new master wants, I agreed to it. It was the hardest thing to take off my bra, but as soon as it fell to the floor and I showed myself in front of the camera – it became easier for me.

He told me that I should take a body lotion and smear it on my boobs, and then massage, paying a lot of attention to my nipples. He wanted me to rub them with my fingers, stretch them, and lift my breasts. I had never caressed myself in this way, and this new game began to arouse my interest – he caressed me with my own hands!

I didn’t think I could get aroused in such conditions. But, playing on camera, his orders, the completely crazy prospect of showing my naked pussy to a stranger – very soon I became wet!

Our relationship is becoming closer

He said that today I’m his mature bitch, and he will do anything with me, cause he can pay. He commanded me to take off my panties and lie down, so my vagina was in front of the camera. It’s strange, but I suddenly wanted to obey and fulfill all his kinky wishes. He was very young, but this guy knew what he wanted from me.

I had to open my labia with two fingers and let him see everything. I was lying alone in the apartment, showing my pussy to a stranger, I would never have thought it was really me.

He demanded that I rub my clit with slow soft movements, smearing a lotion on it. Everything had to be as close to a camera as possible, he was excited not even by the woman herself, but just by her vagina and his complete power over a woman.

My clitoris was quickly aroused with such a new way of caressing, and I felt that I was getting wet. His next order was to caress the clitoris with circular movements, changing the direction every time.

He told me to dip my fingers inside and show how I satisfy myself with 2 fingers. Usually, my husband was doing it, but I liked to caress myself in the shower more, stimulating my clitoris with flowing water. Now I have found a new pleasure for myself, and remembering how my husband did it, I began to enjoy our session.

The money on my account – I can forget everything

His orders and my slavery stuff brought me to an unexpected orgasm. I still wasn’t completely comfortable in front of the camera, so I didn’t allow myself my normal sexy behavior – I just moaned softly. My pussy was shrinking and shrinking, and I was only slightly teasing my clitoris, prolonging that pleasure.

That was all he wanted to see now – my new friend from disconnected without even saying goodbye. I was even glad for it, feeling something like a shame for what I had been doing for the last 40 min. And yet, I earned money, and for me, it was the main thing now.

I had some other guests in my virtual room that day. Someone really liked chatting and laughing with me. Young boys were delighted when I sat naked in front of the camera and gave them advice about girls, listening to their stories and complaints.

Others guests wanted sex, to see toys in my holes, to hear my moans and the sounds of a vibrator. Some guys’ requests scared me at first because a lot of people are excited by a sexy housewife masturbating with long vegetables.

This new world was new for me, but getting 2-3 orgasms per day – how can I not like it? And the money I was paid for shows and talks covered my bills, and I could afford an interesting life again.

The unexpected visit of my neighbor

One evening someone rang the doorbell, but I wasn’t expecting anyone! It was my neighbor – a sporty guy with a short haircut, I immediately recognized he was a football player. He said he hears moans from my apartment every night, but he has never seen me. He was worried that something had happened to me.

It made me laugh because I completely forgot that I no longer live in a house with thick walls, where I could have fun in the shower or make love with my husband without being afraid to be heard. He heard all my orgasms, but he thought something bad was happening to me!

I invited him for a cup of coffee to thank him for this sweet and unexpected care. And yet I had to tell him what I was doing. The guy was amazed, and at first, he didn’t even believe me! But at the same time, I saw a twinkle of interest in his blue eyes.

A new guest in my bed

We had finished our coffee, but my guest was not going to leave me. He asked me about my life, moving closer to me. I did not notice how his hands were already playing with my breasts, and his excited dick was rubbing my thigh. He probably mistook me, but at that moment I wasn’t interested – I’m free, I’m sexy!

A young guy wants me, I feel his hot body, and his hands caress me with such excitement that I wanted to scream. I thought I was not attractive to young guys anymore!

He put a hand into my panties shamelessly, continuing to kiss my neck. He didn’t want to wait at all, it seemed to me, he would attack me even if I was against it. But, I didn’t mind, hospitably spreading my legs and letting him caress me wherever he wanted.

We were lying on my couch, and he was rhythmically fucking me, whispering pleasant horny words into my ear. I haven’t been so wet and aroused for a long time, but the feeling of a new young cock in me – it was just amazing!

I lost my shame, giving him control over my body, and giving myself pleasure in every possible way. I asked him to kiss and lick my breasts, change poses, and I was controlling his pace, and then just let him do whatever he wanted again.

He wants to see me working

This young guy was crazy about me, and I enjoyed it. Of course, there could be nothing serious between us, but just sex, animal passion, long games, and a sea of sperm – I was in love!

One day he asked me to watch me working on mature on webcams, and he begged me for so long that I let him. It was a client who wanted to watch me satisfy myself with toys.

My lover also unbuttoned his pants, looking at me playing on camera. I tried to be as attractive and sexy as possible because at that moment 2 young handsome men were jerking on me. One of them couldn’t wait for me to finish chatting and be able to pay attention to his cock.

The only thing that upset me about him was that he absolutely did not know how to satisfy a woman with his tongue. But he admired it when I caressed his penis with my lips. Well, he still has to learn a lot, but not with me.

Life after the divorce has become much more fun

My hot neighbor couldn’t wait until my working day was over. He listened to my screams and moans behind the wall, and then immediately ran to my flat to have sex. He said he was amazed by my potential in sex! All day I’m satisfying myself in front of the camera, and in the evening I fuck with him like I haven’t had sex for a year.

We spent great nights together and even went to the lake for the weekend. But, nevertheless, he was jealous of me and my job – mature on webcams. After a while, I met another man with whom we also understood each other in bed, but I did not tell him about what I was doing.

My job became a source of good income for me, and I was able to get out of my problems finally. For days I caressed myself and gave pleasure to strangers, and in the evenings I went on dates, meetings with friends. Sometimes I worked at night, but less and less. My life is even better now than it was before the divorce.

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