Finding a Mature Cam Model Two Flours Under Me

Since the first time I started jerking my cock I was into an elderly woman. So naturally, I enjoy all the pleasures the mature cam websites provide. I’m in my mid-20s, have an excellent job and am pretty good looking. With this being said I never had problems meeting and having girls. I mean younger girls or girls my age. But nevertheless, my fetish was always a mature woman. They were the only ones that made my cock get as hard as it can. Although I regularly have sex with girls my age and enjoy it. But mature cam models give me the ultimate satisfaction.

They are just more experienced. Know what to do, and always know what they want from you. With them, my sexual fantasies and desires always read the top limit and sometimes go over it. When I see a mature woman with a perfect body I get so aroused and so hot I cannot describe it.

I have been visiting mature cam websites for the last couple of years. And I have enjoyed their shows numerous times. The only thing I have enjoyed is being with them live.

That was the only sexual fantasy I haven’t had yet. But that was about to change.

Cute Blonde from Mature Cam
Cute Blonde from Mature Cam

Recognizing a Mature Cam Model

As I already told you I’m regular on the mature cam website. It’s like when people get hooked to a TV series. You never know what the next episode brings. Monthly I spend from 1200 to $1,500.

I mentioned it before I have a great job so I can afford it. Also, I have to say I’m not a guy who gets attached to one model. Almost every night I chose to engage in online sex games with one or two different mature models.

For the last couple of months, I have been trying to meet one of them mature cam models live. But that is not going well because I constantly change them another they have had the opportunity to meet me.

I was becoming frustrated and then out of nowhere, I thought they have seen one of them entering my building.

Couldn’t believe my eyes! I thought I was imagining. I asked a little bit around the building and found out that we have a new intendant. Just couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

The next day I knocked on her doors welcoming her as any good neighbour should. But I had other intentions with her. She didn’t know she was targeted for wild sex.

As I brought gifts came to say hello, she invited me in. I had only one intention. I had to find out on what website have I seen her. So at one moment when she went to the bathroom, I used the opportunity to get a peek at her laptop. I had luck it wasn’t locked. Quickly going through her browser history I saw what I needed to see.

Tonight’s first pick was Now all I had to do is wait for her to log in.

First Time Seeing my Hot Mature Cam Neighbour Performe

Later that day I’ve come up with a plan. First I went and bought some silly masks because I didn’t want her to recognise me. I wanted to see her performance from start to end without her knowing that I’m her neighbour living two floors above her.

But just picturing her perform, got me so aroused and so hot I thought I would burst. In one moment I even thought of knocking onto her door telling her I know everything demanding her to fuck me.

But that was just a thought. Eventually, it would come to that. But first I wanted to see my mature cam neighbour perform. And finally, the time has come. Vera as my mature neighbour was calling herself has logged on. She was in her mid-50s, with short black hair, big boobs and wide nipples. Her ass looked amazing considering how old she was. Large, round and firm.

Just looking at her I was getting more and more aroused. I wanted to take her to a private room instantly. But I had a plan worked out and decided to go step-by-step. I enjoyed watching her perform the next hour. She wasn’t shy. Exposing her naked mature body for everyone to see. Playing with all kinds of sex toys. She had various types of vibrators and my god she knew how to use them.

Many mature cam models do not expose as much as Vera did in free chatrooms. So I knew there was much more to see from my neighbour. I tipped her a few times so she could notice me. And when the time came I outbid everyone else and was ready to continue in private. One on one with my new mature neighbour.

Crazy Performance By Vera My Mature Cam Neighbour

Now I was ready to see the good stuff. What my mature cam neighbour was withholding for the private rooms. I’ve put on the silly mask I bought. If I remember right it was a clown mask. And was waiting for the connection to be established. Tension was growing in my loins like never before.

And at that moment there she was, she wasn’t shaving her  pussy, but that sweet bush between her legs made my heart pump a bit faster. I noticed she was feeling very comfortable. Rubbing her clit while asking me, what would I like her to do. My mature cam neighbour what’s a five-star slut.

Whatever I wanted her to do she did. she was dancing, twerking with her ass, playing with dildos. Doing all kinds of stuff I have never seen before. I was just feeling lucky. Lucky that she moved into my building. Lucky I found out who she is. Maybe not so lucky for her, but that’s life.

As her performance was coming near the end, she wanted me to a little bit more if I wanted to see her play with four vibrators. The moment I heard four vibrators I tipped her immediately.

I mean who wouldn’t want to see a mature woman playing with that many vibrators. She took the first vibrator and placed it in her pussy. Setting it to the maximum. The second one will you guess she put in her ass.

Then came the third, third went in between her big boobs. She squeezed her tits with her hands so it wouldn’t fall out. And finally the last one in her mouth.

Surprising Vera My Mature Neighbour

My eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. My mature cam neighbour was killing the stage. She was so hot. At one moment I was thinking of running down the stairs, knocking onto her doors and giving her applause.

I could have explained to you how happy I was. She didn’t know who I was. I was wearing my mask and there was not one moment she minded it. Could not have asked for more.

At some point, I started wondering when would the best moment be for me to take my mask off. I decided to wait a little bit longer. The next thing I wanted how to do is to set the vibrator that was in her ass to maximum and talk dirty to me while I jerk my cock.

And without hesitating, she immediately got took me 3 minutes to come. But they were the sweetest 3 minutes I had in a while. The moment I cum, I took off my mask and said hello. She was confused got red in a second.

She could not believe who has she been performing for the last hour. And probably embarrassed all the things she has been doing and showing me. She terminated the connection as quickly as possible.

The first part of my plan was executed perfectly. Now the next day I will let her sweat. Will not call her or go two floors down and have a chat with her. I wanted to see what will she do. I was happy with myself. In the next couple of days, Vera will have to perform live for me. And afterwards that hot mature pussy  is going to be fucked.

Playing With Vera My Mature Cam Neighbour

The next day I woke up with a smile. It was a Saturday morning and rain was pouring. I logged on to mature cam wanting to see if maybe Vera was there. But she wasn’t. After completing the first part of my plan perfectly, now for the second part. Vera was on the move.

I was wondering how long would it pass before she’ll be knocking on my door. Well, it didn’t take her long, because around 5 p.m my doorbell rang. There was nobody else to be, it was her. My mature cam neighbour.

The first thing she said was ‘ I believe you know why am I here. And yes I did! But maybe she didn’t. I let her in, poured us a drink and we set down. She wasn’t looking like a girl from last night, she was shy. Blushing all the time. Just as I wanted to see her. Just as I was imagining my deepest fantasies.

Despite coming to me to talk, she wasn’t talking much. But after a while, she finally got the courage to tell me what she was here for. As we both pretended not to.

She wanted me not to tell anybody about her being a mature cam model. How she was surprised when she saw her neighbour on the website only 2 days after she moved into this building. I was pretending to listen to her carefully. But I couldn’t anymore.

I interrupted her with these words ‘ take your clothes off

Getting On Top Of My Mature Neighbour

She was stunned, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. While trying to process what was happening I came to her putting my cock into her mouth. She didn’t move while I was putting my dick deep down her throat. My dick was dancing in her mouth.

I was so aroused and hot. And after a couple of minutes of fucking her in the mouth, I took her clothes off quickly placing her on the couch. Putting her feet on my shoulders, leaning over her placing my cock into her hairy pussy. Her eyes were full of tears but she wasn’t crying, she wasn’t making a sound. I didn’t care.  I was slowly going in and out of her looking at her big tits enjoying every second.

The next minute I was pounding her wildly, going all the way in. Hearing my balls hitting her ass were the only sounds you can hear. She wasn’t making a sound and I wanted her to. Her tits were bouncing perfectly and as much as I wanted to hold and squeeze them I didn’t.

I was fucking her hard and although she wasn’t making a sound. She was squeezing her toes and her hands were holding me tight. I could see it in her eyes that she was just waiting for me to finish.

But I wasn’t ready to cum yet. Not without hearing her moan.

Cuming With my Mature Neighbour

I wanted to cum. This was the best sex of my life. Before doing so, I had to do one more thing. I turned her around coming from behind. Slowly spreading her legs massaging her ass. And that is when she spoke the first time saying ‘please don’t’, but all I was hearing is please do!

The next moment my cock was in my mature cam neighbours ass. The feeling was incredible. As I was speeding up she was starting to make sounds, more and more until she started moaning as loud as she could. Holding on to her enormous boobs, pounding her ass hard, not allowing her to spread her legs. And she wanted it to.

I was out of my mind. I wanted my mature neighbour to shit herself. But in a second I was filling her ass with my sperm, but I was still so aroused. Something was missing. Of course, she had to clean my cock by sucking it for a minute.

After finishing, she was getting dressed just wanting to go home. She wasn’t speaking. But just as was leaving she heard these words from me. ‘See you in a few days. Tears started to pour down my mature cam model face and she was gone.

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